Lease or Buy?

Make the Right Decision with the Help of Our Financing Experts

Deciding whether you should lease or finance your new Ford vehicle can be a complicated process when you don’t have all the information at hand. Luckily, our team of financing experts here at Concept Ford will be happy to provide you with all of the information you need to make the right decision for your situation. We offer our clients the expertise and experience they are looking for to make the right decision based on their budget and their lifestyle.

There are significant differences between leasing and financing. At Concept Ford, we will be happy to explain these differences in detail so that you can know exactly which solution is best for you. Leasing, for example, is better suited for buyers who are looking for the lowest possible monthly payment and who do not drive a lot every year. Financing is usually better if you are planning to keep your vehicle for a long time or drive over 20,000 km every year. This is just an overview of the differences between each option. For a more in-depth look at both leasing and financing, give our experts at Concept Ford a call today.